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The Ultimate


Chartering a yacht is the ultimate freedom. Quite simply, it’s the way to experience the holiday that you have dreamed of, and create memories that last a lifetime.

Once on board, go from island to island, dropping the anchor in secluded bays and quiet lagoons, as and when you choose. 

No hotels to book. No buses or trains to catch. No repacking the suitcase at each location. You have your own moving villa. So pick your route and wake up in a new location every day. Be your own compass – where do you want to go next? 

Escape the real world and discover an experience like no other, simultaneously offering solitude and adventure. 

Spend your holiday as you choose; be as lazy or as active as you like. Dive into the turquoise water; paddle around the coves in a kayak; take the tender on-shore to the little family bakery for breakfast and coffee; sunbathe on deck as water laps against the hull; watch the sun set with a gin and tonic in hand; explore the cobbled streets and quaint restaurants of the local town; and dance to music under the stars. 

Whether you are looking for some quality time with your family, an escape from your hectic office life, a week-long party with your friends, or a romantic get-away…then this is it.

When you feel the pull of the sea, the draw of the horizon, then its time. Set sail and discover the life.

The ultimate freedom.

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