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Turkey’s Lycian Coast, commonly known as the “Turquoise Coast”, is one of the least crowded and most spectacular cruising grounds in the Mediterranean.  With temperatures pushing 40 degrees in the hottest summer months, it’s a great place to go early or late in the season, when most of the other cruising grounds are a little too cold. Turkey is brimming with history – the rich historical heritage from the Lycian, Roman, Greek, Byzantine and Ottoman civilisations is widely evident.  There are Medieval forts and tombs carved into the cliffs wherever you go; it’s a coastline packed with culture, sleepy towns and beautiful anchorages. The blue-green waters are perfect for swimming and snorkelling.  In addition, the steep pine-clad terrain descends to many small bays of sand and shingle, which are only accessible by boat.



Crepe delivery, Saint Nicholas Island


Saint Nicholas Island

GOCEK: Once a small, tranquil fishing village, it now has a profusion of shops and restaurants.  Just off Gocek are five islands called the Yassica Adalari, which provide some stunning overnight anchorages. 

SAINT NICHOLAS ISLAND: Legend has it that this is where Saint Nicholas’s tomb was housed (the saint who later became known as Father Christmas).  Wander around this island and see that it is like an open-air museum with tombs, ruins and mysterious buildings covering the landscape.  Watch the sun go down from the top of the hill before returning to your boat and a peaceful evening under the stars. Breakfast time can be full of surprises – don’t be alarmed to see an elderly couple row out to your boat and make fresh crepes for you.  It is said that they have never missed a day in the last 40 years!

KALKAN:  A town built on a steep hillside, which is heavily influenced by whitewashed Greek architecture.  Enjoy dinner overlooking the busy harbour.  You will notice a few English voices here as it is a popular place for retirement. 

KAS: An enchanting picturesque fishing village with quite a chic, sophisticated feel to it.  There are cobbled side streets and an array of shops selling leather goods and jewellery.  If you are after some incredible leather handbags, this is the place to go!  Take a walk just outside the town and explore the amazingly well-preserved amphitheatre which is right on the edge of the sea.

KEKOVA: The island of Kekova is uninhabited today. In Roman times, however, it was a thriving port town which unfortunately was completely submerged after a massive earthquake in 240AD.  Take a kayak or paddleboard over the ruined city and gaze down at the stone walls.  Opposite Kekova is a hill fort with breath-taking views over the surrounding area.  Spend the afternoon relaxing in this enchanting village, sipping Turkish coffee whilst seated on a rug covered floor.

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