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In virtually no other country does art, architecture, food, wine and life merge so effortlessly. It was the birthplace of the Roman Empire and the Renaissance – in fact Italy has more Unesco World Heritage sites than any other country in the world. It has an intoxicating blend of alluring buildings, magnificent art and a love of life – it oozes romance. The joyous love of food is intrinsic to life here – delight in enchanting rustic family run restaurants or resplendent Michelin-starred ones. Italy’s magnetism extends far beyond its cuisine, art and fashion – it is a land of spectacular scenery and landscapes.  It offers such a diversity – mountains, lakes, rolling hills dotted with Cypress trees, picturesque coastlines and azure blue water.  In every sense, Italy inspires like no other country. 





Mount Vesuvius from Pompeii, Naples


One of Europe’s most romantic destinations and one of Italy’s most iconic coast lines. It may only be 30 miles long, but it packs in some breath-taking scenery, sumptuous eating places and beguiling little pastel-hued villages tumbling down the steep cliffs.  Set against a back-drop of a rugged coast-line, tiny coves, terraced vineyards, opulent villas, lemon groves and postcard-perfect villages, is the glittering azure sea.  Food lovers will not be disappointed.  Some of the best food in Italy is to be found here – freshly caught fish, regional pasta dishes and the home of locally produced Limoncello.  Looking for “La Dolce Vita”? This is it!


The jet-set place of preference. It is unbelievable how such a profusion of pink and apricot coloured buildings cling onto the steep cliffs surrounding this pebble beach.  The narrow windy streets navigate through a wealth of dazzling boutiques and endearing little cafes and shops. 10 minutes from here is the shabby-chic beach restaurant, Adolfo’s, which can only be reached by boat – a lunchtime must!

​If you are feeling a little more energetic, a mountain walk along the ‘’Path of The Gods’’ will give you spectacular views along the coastline.

AMALFI: A pretty little town, which only takes 20 minutes to walk from one end to the other. It is filled with sunny piazzas where people sit over a glass of aperol spritz or enjoy a lemon gelato.  It has a marina full of boats, elegant shops and a famous cathedral.

NAPLES: This city offers so much ancient history and is the birthplace of Pizza. The bay of Naples is dominated by Mount Vesuvius – walk up to the crater and peer into this dormant volcano. It is awe-inspiring to visit Herculaneum and Pompeii and walk down the very streets and into the houses of the towns which were covered by volcanic ash and mud in 79AD. 


Just off the North coast of Sicily lie the Aeolian Islands.  An archipelago of seven Unesco-protected volcanic islands – they have a very different feel to Sicily and offer a place in which to truly escape.  

VULCANO: Approaching Vulcano, you will notice the smouldering volcano on the horizon. Take a dip in the warm mud baths, visit the hot springs or walk up to the crater.  Vulcano’s black volcanic beach, with fine soft sand, is renowned.  

LIPARI: The largest of all the islands, and also the most populated. There is a fortified acropolis and an archaeological museum for those who enjoy history, and spa baths for those in need of some relaxation.  By far the best way to see this island is by boat.  After centuries of pumice mining, fine white pumice dust has been deposited on the sea bed and the water is vivid blue and clear.

STROMBOLI:  The furthest island away from the mainland and its main attraction is the volcano, which can still be seen smouldering. For those who are energetic, take a guided evening trek to the crater and watch the sun go down.


Sicily & Aeolian Islands

Lipari Harbour

PANAREA:  The smallest and without doubt the prettiest of the islands. It has charming white houses adorned with bougainvillaea and there are no cars. It is popular with the jet-set and has a great night scene. Panarea is definitely worth a visit – it has azure blue waters lapping the rocky coastline and some enchanting little beaches.   Marvel at the superyachts anchoring next to you in the tiny little harbour!


 Bonifacio Citadel

Porto Cervo House



With almost 2,000 km of coastline, Sardinia has some of the most seductively beautiful beaches in the entire Mediterranean. The Northeast coastline of Sardinia is a paradise for yacht exploration, with guaranteed turquoise water and exclusive snow-white beaches that can only be reached by boat.  The sparkling crystal waters are a dream for snorkelers, and divers rhapsodize about the impressive shipwrecks off Cagliari’s coast and Nora’s submerged Roman ruins. Sardinia is a melting pot of architecture, culture and traditions.  It is a land of physical contrasts too – it has a mountainous interior, pine forests and the most captivating coastline.  Thousands of stone ruins shaped like beehives, remnants from Sardinia’s Nuraghic culture, are scattered over the island. Although Sardinia doesn’t share the hustle and bustle of the mainland, it does share in its passion for food and wine. You won’t be disappointed – sheep and goats cheese, seafood, fish, Sardinian breads, wild boar, suckling pig, charcuterie, sparkling white and red wines produced from vineyards all over the island.

PORTO ROTONDO: On the Costa Smeralda, it is a small, stylish port with an abundance of luxurious boutiques and art galleries.  It is a lively place and attracts those in search of trendy bars and sophisticated restaurants.

PORTO CERVO: The Mecca of the luxury yachting jet-set, tucked away in a beautiful and sheltered harbour.  You will be spoilt for choice with the restaurants, and amazed at the designer shops and jewellers that Porto Cervo has to offer. Take a stroll around the marina, inspect the superyachts and rub shoulders with billionaires! 

LA MADDALENA: La Maddalena National Park is a stunningly beautiful archipelago surrounded by the bluest warm sea.  Cruise into La Maddalena’s cluster of granite islands where you will find an abundance of secluded anchorages and sandy beaches.   With only one of its six islands inhabited, you can find seclusion and relax on-board in tranquillity. The islands here will keep you entertained for days.

BONIFACIO: The city of cliffs and one of the most spectacular natural harbours in the Mediterranean.  Bonifacio is situated a short hop away from Sardinia on Corsica’s southernmost tip.  With a medieval citadel, great French cuisine and stunning views from the top of the cliffs, its definitely worth a visit. 

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